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    Hello there.I just wanted to know how many of you have FDM software out of Vancouver,B.C. I would like to speak to anyone that is using this product null

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    I have just completed a full review of the FDM Software, which included using all modules, hardware requirements, networking requirements and used a full working demo of the entire FDM System.

    My professional opinion of the Software is that this software is one of the most intuitive, complete and user friendly systems in the Industry. Keep in mind that there are other Software Systems out there and you must really base your decisions of your needs and anticipate your future needs.

    The FDM system is built on a database engine and a GUI for ease of use. This will allow easy input of data and you'll be able to create any type of report imaginable. The FMD system can also accommodate and use the Fire Code from you Province, NFPA Codes, CANUTEC and your local by-law codes, which will aid in preplaning and Inspections. This is a major bonus.

    The FDM systems does have other advantages. The one that comes to mind is it's hardware and OS systems requirements. The FDM Software does not require UNIX OS to run (which also requires a massive financial commitment). Windows NT or 2000 is all that is required and will make Networking extremely easy, which also includes multiple station networking a snap.

    The FDM Software will require some financial commitment, but when the install and setup is complete, it will definitely fit your need and that of your community. Also, with the FDM software will come the required training, which will be provided by FDM.

    I can keep going on and on, but just do your research and look after the needs of your Department and your community.


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