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    Default Promotional exam for mechanic

    My department is looking for a mechanics written exam. None of the testing companies in the state can provide this type of exam. The test is for the position of head mechanic. Responsibilities include general maintenance and repairs, scheduling, supervising 3 assistant mechanics and assisting the chiefs in preparing the mechanics division budget.

    The state Emergency Vehicle Technicians group can supply an oral board only.

    The closest we can find is a driver\engineer exam. The firefighters taking the exam are already driver\engineers.

    Please contact me if you know of any testing companies who can provide this service.

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    NAEVT is good one. They have tests in addition to ASE. They work cooperatively with ASE to get you certified.

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    Ken,you might want to contact the the Ca fire mechanics assoc thru the naevt website.Ralph Craven or Jerry Lee. The have probalbly the best and toughest mechanics standards in the country.

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    Why are you looking for a test? Why not rely on somebody elseís? ASE and EVT are excellent and combined you probobly can't beat them. Prerequisite all applicants to have full ASE masters and EVT masters along with fleet managers and/or supervisory experience.

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