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    Default Transmission Fluid Flush

    I was recently approached by a service tech at one of the shops that I use who told me that they just purchased a machine that completely flushes the transmission. He told me that tests have shown that flushing the transmission with this machine have resulted in increased gas mileage and adds approximately 5 years to the life of the transmission. The machine is hooked up to the transmission dipstick hole and the fluid drain under the transmission. Fresh transmission fluid is flushed through the system until the fluid comes out clean. It is suppose to remove gunk and metal bits and shavings from the transmission I've consulted with Freightliner and Ford, both of which have not tested the system and cannot recommend it. Do you know of a service that has done this? If so, what was the outcome?

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    most of the debris in a tranny are sludgy and cannot be brought out by just fluid. There is a magnet in the pan to get the pieces that metal. The magnet wont let go of them without hand cleaning. There are filters in the tranny that should be replaced also. I think this is a scam.

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