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    I just wanted to thank the folks who responded to my very first topic on Firehouse Forums, and give a little more information about this situation. I work for a small full-time fire department in a small but growing city. We also have a small police force which only has one detective. As you can immagine this detective has "more important things to worry about". The "young man" that I spoke of in my first letter is approx. 25 y.o.a. and does some mental problems. The fire chief and myself have talked to the entire group of people who live in the home that I mentioned before, and explained the seriousnous of the problem of setting fires, no matter the size and the penalties that can come with an arson conviction, along with all the lives that it can effect. My problem remains, I have no proof that this guy set the fires. Lukily there have been no more fires called in, but it still worries me that he may get "braver" in setting these fires. Now what do you suggest?


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    You are a fire fighter. Arson is a crime. Crime is investigated by the police. What is more important than the potential loss of multiple lives in an arson fire? If somebody were shooting a pistol out of the window of that house but didn't hit anybody, they would have a bazillion cops there to investigate. (BTW, I am a cop).

    The next time you get a fire there, regardless of what time of day or night, request that the detective come to the scene and conduct an investigation. You don't have to have prove to him who did it, that's his job. He does not need proof to bring the guy in for questionning. If he doesn't want to do his job, he has a boss.


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