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    David Polikoff
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    Question Cutoff saw blades for cutting metal

    I am looking for a saw blade that we can mount on our cut off saw that will cut metal (bars on windows, rebar...) but will not fall apart if exposed to gasoline fumes.

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    Get a Sawsall!

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    DFD 304
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    We have a 14" "Combi-Blade". We purchased it through All Star. It is awesome. It has big chunks (for lack of better words) of carbide on the blade. It will cut through any thing. they claim it will even go through concrete. We have not tried this yet, but i know for a fact it will go through a roof without even slowing a little. if you would like more info just e-mail and i will try to dig up the invoice.

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    Sawzall on steel window bars? Hope you bring a tent to prepare for a campout. The composite blade on a cutoff saw is the fastest way i know of besides a torch. If you keep the spare blades in a different compartment...we do...it may help.

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    David Polikoff
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    Why do you have to keep the cut off saw blades in a different compt. What in the blade reacts with the gasoline. nobody can give me a real answer. I asked engineers that make composit blades and they have never heard of gasoilne effecting the blabes unless you let them sit in a pool of gas. and as for getting a sawzall i do not want to be on the other side of the bars with my life on the line while you use a sawzall to get me to safety! cutoff saw is the way to go hands down.

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