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    Post no feed back?

    about a week ago i put out a message asking how your fire investigation unit works? i have'nt gotten any replyies, you guys are'nt interested? cat got your touge?
    i've noticed there is'nt a lot of input to this forum ? why not ?

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    The investigation unit that I belong to is a all volunteer unit called Allen County Fire and Arson Specialized Team. The FAST is comprised of about 25 volunteers. Most of the members are volunteer firefighters on various Departments in the county, others are just individuals that are interested in fire investigations. We also have one Detective from the county sherrif's dept.
    We get paged on all 704 structure fires in the county that are outside of the city limits of Fort Wayne. The Allen county prosecutor donated money for us to buy a new Ford van that we operate out of.
    If you have any questions you can e-mail me @

    Bruce Shanabarger

    "Bustin' Ours To Save Yours"

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