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    Question Investigative information for Suppression Crews

    Our department has experienced several fire fatalities in recent history. Considering that suppression crews on these fires have a desire to know the fire cause, cause of death, etc., does your department have a formal or informal way of passing information along to fire suppression supervisors? Or do you think that the suppression crews do not need to know how an investigation is progressing?
    I am aware that if a criminal investigation is taking place, then the information may/will be limited. If this is the case, do you expect your fire suppression crews to obtain their information from the local media like everyone else?

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    Bradley Olson
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    I am currently a Fire Investigator the the City of Madison Fire Department in Madison WI and on most fires, major ones, we will have a incident review and usually by that time, we have determined the cause of the fire. On some of our smaller fires, I will e-mail every member assigned to that call and let them know the disposition. I think it is important to let the crews know the disposition. They are the 1st. link in = fire investigation process and should have knowledge of the cause if there is one. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to e-mail me at beolson@ci.madison.wi.us.

    Brad Olson

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