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    FF McDonald
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    Cool Training for Cause/Origin Investigation

    Looking to those of you that are in the field already to shed some light on the subject.

    Where are good places to find training regarding Arson, and Cause/Origin Investigation?

    I find the field very interesting, and would like to glean a little knowledge from you guys as to your experiences as to where to find training opportunities.


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    George Wendt, CFI
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    Become a member of the International Association of Arson Investigators and the NJ Chapter. (www.fire-investigators.org). You will find that the NJ Chapter is hosting this year's IAAI Annual General Meeting in Atlantic City, NJ. Also, the NJ Chapter runs at least one 80 hour basic fire investigation school each year. Also, get the training catalog from the NJ Division of Fire Safety. They run a number of training schools infire investigation each year.


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    George --

    Are there any prerequisites to Investigation training? Do you need to be in Law Enforcement, a Fire Official in town, etc or is it open to any FF who has the interest and commitment?

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