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    Post Do or how do you recognise businesses that allow firefighters to leave for calls

    was wondering if/or how your company recognises businesses that allow firefighters to leave for fire call. This year at our banquet we are going to recognises buinesses that have donated their time or services/products to help with some of our training.

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    I don't know what your question has to do with this Investigation and Mitigation section but here goes: While career Chief of a non-career staffed department, the department social fund sponsored a Bosses Night and invited all immediate supervisors or business owners who allowed their employees to leave work to respond to emergencies. This was a steak dinner and all the fixins...... It used to get to be a wild stag night event until someone had a female supervisor. The Mayor and City Council, and Police and Fire Commissioners were invited.

    Another idea would be to publicly thank these people with an award of some type such as "honorary firefighter(s) of the year". Give it good press and it will also serve as advertising for them as thanks. Good PR is best.

    You could also study how much it would cost each business in additional taxes if they had to have a career department. That is if FD's in your state are tax supported. If they are locally possibly a "rebate" on their local taxes may be in order if an employee is an active member of the FD.

    Just some ideas to ponder..........


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