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    Marcel Dewerse
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    Post high-pressure sodium-vapour lamps cause fire???

    I am investigating a fire in a house where I found the remains of four 400W HPSV
    lamps and their ballasts. Is there any way of telling, by looking at the
    lamps, that they were operating when the fire occurred? I suspect that they caused the fire due to insufficient cooling.
    With anticipated thanks,

    Marcel Dewerse

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    F52 Westside
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    You might try contacting this company. They do alot with Electrical and Gas appliances.

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    George Wendt, CFI
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    I have a better question...were the police involved in this case? This sounds like a "grow room" situation. What would these lights be used for in a SFD?

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    Marcel Dewerse
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    There is no doubt that this was a 'grow room', but that is a matter for the police and maybe also for the insurance company. We found water tanks, pumps, RCDs, fans, growing medium and even the finished product: cannabis.
    But my task is to find the cause, which I strongly suspect is due to the use of 2 kW of lamps in a small space (a bedroom), badly ventilated so as to remain covert. I came across another such situation and showed the lamp to a lighting manufacturer who could not help me. What telltale signs should I be looking for?

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    Sounds Like You've Got A Good One On Your Hands Here. I Can't Offer You Much Help With The Bulbs, But I Can Offer You Some General Advice. Do You Know What Company Produced The Bulbs? If So Try Contacting Them. Also, We're All Of These Lights Plugged Into One Outlet. If So Maybe The Lights Were The Indirect Cause Of The Fire, Maybe Overloading The Circuit With All 4 Of These Lights May Played A Role In It Too. Just My $.02 Good Luck!!!

    Ryan Duggan

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    Ross Brogan
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    Hi Marcel, sory I can't offer a definitive answer in this case, but. In the past I had a fire involving a supposed bad batch of these lamps, that were overheating and exploding. On exploding, the superheated pieces of glass bulb landed around the room and started fires on anything they contacted. In one instance there were two fires on a sofa and about three or four on carpet on the floor. It would be worth exploring this with the manufacturer or distributor.
    Hope this helps
    Fire Investigation & Research Unit NSW Fire Brigade, Sydney OZ.

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