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    Fellow firemen,

    I am looking to further my career and become a Fire Marshal/Investigator. What type of degree programs do you reccommend? I have an AS degree in Fire Science and was told I should enroll in a Criminal Justice AS degree program. What do you suggest? Is this the right route to go? If so, do you reccommend fire department or state courses rather than going to a two-year college?

    Thanks for your advice
    Glen Bordas

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    you should maybe look into a bachlors degree in fire protection, curriculum that is in depth about water flow and life safety. I am a student at Oklahoma State University and we study these two topics in great detail. many of my schools grads go straight into prevention. Pay usually ranges from 35-50 thousand a year reply back if you want more info

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    Well, a lot depends on the state you live in. You say Fire Marshall/Investigator. In reality they are not the same. A Fire Marshall generally deals more with building codes, prevention problems, and other adminstrative codes. An Investigator on the other hand, deals with the dirty work of digging out a fire to determine the origin and cause. Basically, grunt work, but grunt work that takes a high degree of talent, tenacity and plain old fire behavior experience. It has been my observations that the best Fire Investigators are those who have a lot of floor experience fighting fires. I realize many departments combine the two as a cost savings. A Prevention Specialist/Fire Marshall would probably benefit from a BA in Fire Admin or Prevention but, a Fire Investigator is best served with Investigation classes and years of fire supression experience.

    Just an opinion, may not be agreed on by others. I spent 10 years in Investigations. HS education only. State certified Investigation classes. Successful and rewarding experience. Back on an Engine Co. now and loving it!

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