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    Post Termination of employment and contracts

    I have recently terminated my employment and contractual obligations with a fire investigation company and have started my own. I'm seeking information regarding case law with the right to work and legal issues of this nature. If anyone has been in a similar situation I would be very appreciative to hear what your outcome was.

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    Good for you on going out on your own. We wish you all the best. I am sure you have been able to develop talents that you believe might be better spent elsewhere.

    I am sure you are talking about a non-compete contract. Be VERY carefull in trying to break a non-compete. There are two issues you must consider. A non-compete that is too restrictive may be useless. One that is fair and reasonable will be used as a sword against you.

    If I wre you, I would not waste any time in trying to gather legal information in this forum. Seek advise from someone who you believe knows the real legal issues involved.

    Until then, stay far away from direct contact with your previous company clients. I believe that if they chase you down you are still good. Hope that is the biggest problem you face is being chased down by your previous clients.

    Good luck on your future. Work hard, provide a service that no other company can and sucess will follow

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