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    Ross Brogan
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    Post Fire Investigator identification clothing

    Can anyone assist me with the question of whtether there is an international [or any] standard on identification of fire investigator uniform clothing. At one time our unit wore red overalls with "Fire Investigation" embroidered on the back. Our dept. has since changed our uniform to a universal overall worn by other sections of the dept and it is dark blue with only our dept name - no specific ID as an investigation unit member. We are continually not recognised on the fire scene and sometimes by our own firefighters.If there is some uniform code or standard specifying a colour or design I would love to hear about it.

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    We wear same uniform as firefighters
    Monday-Friday. On weekends we can blue jeans but we also have fire department t-shirts that are the same as the firefighters.
    On the back of our t-shirts it says
    Fire/Rescue and the front left side has
    Wichita Falls Fire Dept.
    We also have turnout gear (bunkers), and helmets like the firefighters. We have 145 firefighters but in my division -
    Fire Marshal's Office there are only 3 of us.

    Antoinette Hastings
    Assistant Fire Marshal
    Wichita Falls, Texas

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    I am not aware of any particular standard, however in our department when conducting fire investigations we will wear blue overalls with "HRM Fire Inspector" written on the back. Our hard hats have a crest on the front with the Department logo and the words Fire Investigator written beneath it.

    Wayne Chapdelaine
    Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency Service
    Halifax, N.S.

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    On our fire scenes, we wear standard navy blue coveralls, with reflective FIU on the back, and a Bullard contrcution style impact helmet with Investigator crescents on them. We are pretty easy to pick out as we are the only ones wearing coveralls, the other FFs wear their turnouts during mop up.

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    Hello Ross.

    In South Australia, ourselves and the MFS have adopted a common unifrom for the fire ground. Navy blue drill with the words "Fire cause Investigator" emblazoned across our backs. The uniformity is used to further enhance the idea of one investigative body. Having the titles on our bakcs has also been very helpful on the fire ground with everyone aware of who we are what we are doing etc. We don't have incident commanders yelling at us to get out etc.etc. If you want any further info give myself aor the MFS boys a call.


    Paul Bahr
    South Australia Police.

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