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    Default Job as Fire or Arson Investigator

    Hello everyone I am brand new to this forum.....I have been a police officer for 8 years and a volunteer firefighter for three years...I am very interested in fire/arson investigation and would like to do it either part time or full time as a career change I was just wondering if anyone here would have any info on how I would apply for a job training or how I would get started...I am willing to relocate to anonther state if necessary...I am not sure in some depts do you have to be a career firefighter first? I reside in the NJ area...Moving out west would be nice...Cali...Arizona etc

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    Become a member of IAAI or contact a state chapter of IAAI. The ARIZONA CHAPTER is a very active orginization.

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    It verys from city to city. some the police do the investigations and some the fire dept does it. In some fire departments you can come in as a civilan and do not have to be a firefighter. you can look into insurance companies some hire just fire investigators and some you do other investigations along with fire. if you have a degree and under 35 you can look into ATF. Also look at the state level they sometimes have there own investigators.

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