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    Question Fire Science Degree

    Just curious as to what types of jobs i could get with this degree and maybe even a criminal justice degree also. I would like to hear from guys and gals with these degree's hopefully or if you know pass all info on thanx!!
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    you can look for a job in prevention, investigation, private insurance, private construction inspection, state trooper for fire investigations, consulting. many areas, safety manager.

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    Well I can speak from experience. I am assuming you have an Associates in Fire Science. I feel the degree is best for promotion within a department. When I first started taking classes for the degree the college stated that you can get a job on a FD, insurance investigator, sprinkler contractor, or industrial fire brigade specialist. Some of this is true, but most is not. This degree is a good addition to help pad your resume. But the degree alone will not get you a job in one of these fields. You have to have other training and certificates to get a job in these fields. And mostr of the time, the degree alone will not get you a job with a FD, it may help in the interview process though.
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    So far I have been able to work my way up to Captain without the need for a degree. However, it will be a different story when I go for Fire Chief someday. It may be the deciding factor between two equally qualified applicants. When I finally finish out my degree, I don't believe it will be in Fire Science. I don't really think it is needed. That is what your certified training is for. Business degrees never hurt anybody and criminal justice might unlock a fire marshal position for you in the future, if you wish to go that route. But this is just the opinion of a non-college educated man, for what it is worth.

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