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    Default Pump Certification after an accident

    Our Second due engine was involved in a T-bone accident on Saturday.
    The pump are took the hardest hit should we get a full UL Pump test or will a yearly certification be okay.
    I hope we won't need a new pump and can get away with just replacing whats broke.
    If you have any thoughts on upgrades while it's down please post them. It's a 1992 1750 GPM Waterous with a ross intake relief valve and an American Lafrance Governor. My only thought was to yank the booster reel and put a generator in it's place.
    Thanks for your input


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    Dan, I'f I remember correctly. As/per NFPA 1901, If the Engine and or Transmission were rebuilt or had major work, It would require a Certification test to be done. This should apply to your situation. There could be hidden damage done, that would not show up on a Flow Test. The same would apply to major pump work.... John

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    E7 is correct..

    You should have the pumper recertified. Even if you didn't replace the engine or transmission, which could possibly changed ratios or operating speed of the pump. A UL test will take longer, but if there was any damage to the pump, it had a better change of finding unseen damage.

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