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    Default Comms console for 4x4

    We have a 1990 Chev Suburban 4x4. I want to have my light bar controller, siren control and radio on one consol. I cannot do so because of the 4x4 control on the hump. Has anyone seen or built a consol that will work.

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    There are a few options here Frank. Get a Galls catalog, they offer alot of things you can use as far as mounting systems. It depends if you have a split or bench seat as well. Consider getting a siren with the light controls built in, code 3 makes a good one that is widely available. Otherwise...vertical mounting racks will probably work the best. They have a small steel plate which bolts to the floor and mount equipment in a vertical manner. Overhead or on dash mounting is also a possibility but is more difficult and looks kind of ugly sometimes. Gamber Johnson, Havis Shields(consolidator) are the 2 major companies that make consoles and racks....if you have any fire service magazine buyers guide issue, look them up in the manufacturers section.

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    I would say that if you want any suburban questions answered you would go to the experts in that field Odyssey Automotive Speciality at www.Odysseyauto.com/ I am noy an Odyssey salesman but maybe after this I will be. :-)

    Dan Jenkins
    West Elmira Fire Dept.

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