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    Default Top Hatches on 4000 gal tanker.

    We have a 4000 gal ex-fuel tanker in our department. In order to gravity drain fast we must claim up on top of the tanker and manually open the hatches. I have been thinking of putting air cylinders to do this. Has anyone done this or any other mod that would do the the trick. We are a team in Northwestern Ontario so I have to consider ice and snow in the winter.

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    We have a 4000 gal. tanker that was put together through Denver Truck Sales in CO. our county has several of these, the way they're setup is with a large bore (8") vent pipe that turns down after exiting the rear of the tank. No hassles here.
    Good Luck, Frank

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    Our 2000 gallon elliptical stainless steel built by Amthor has a self venting 24" ? manhole. We dump 2000 gallons in 45 seconds through our 12" square dumps with no problems. We also fill directly into the tank through a 5" by 2 - 2 1/2 gated suction siamese. Both of these were added in house over the years. The truck used to have an eight inch "jet dump" - JUNK

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