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    Default Dual P.T.O's for the generator and the pump?

    We need some feedback on this system from anyone who uses it or has seen it in operation.

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    The key thing to remember it thay you get the proper generator. The problem with direct drive generators is that they must be at a preset rpm.If you were to use an Amps generator you could still control the pump like a regular engine. If you want to only use the generator have it wired so you can use a high idle. When you use the pump only or the pump and generator you would use the hand throttle or the engine governor. Make sure you call Amps and tell them what you want to do and what transmission you are using. You should also call the pump manufacturer to get thier imput. I would even stop by a local heavy truck dealer and talk with someone in sales they should be able to help spec a set up to do both. The big thing to remember is you want as much throttle capability as is possible. We have an inverter on one of our engines and the guys always belly-ache about the pressure. I say if you want light you have to have pressure I know it sucks but thats the nature of the beast, next truck will have a Hyrualic generator.

    Dan Jenkins
    West Elmira Fire Dept.

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    Harrison's and Onan' PTO gnerators work well with a pump too. All he mjor builders have done what you are asking

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    Should work, Let me know how it does, and let me know when you read this.

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    Ours work fine we have two or three per rig, any combination pump and roll or stationary

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