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    Default Looking for a new way to deploy the portable deck gun

    We currently have a TFT 1250 gpm portable deluge gun (Performs like a champ) It is mounted up on the deck between the jump seats. At present only space available.
    QUESTION>>> Does anyone know of a (commercially made or home made style), type of cart "if you will" that can be placed on the rear step , that holds the device and maybe some supply line that will allow 1 or 2 FF's to deploy the device in a faster manner than the one currently used ie remove from deck, built connections , pull hose etc.)Has anyone found a better way (want to expand on standard storage ie: take off rear deck and pull supply line as you go)

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    check back a few issues in Fire-Rescue magazine. I think "Big Paulie" did an article on fast one man gun deployment. Yes they make brackets to mount them to the board. Using 2.5 or 3" line preconnected off the rear bed works well. This type of set up will let you throw alot of water quickly to hit the big ones hard and fast.

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    Our dept. also has a TFT deluge. We have a bracket that is mounted to the tailboard that holds the gun. It is preconnected to one 2 1/2" line and also has a port for a second line. One FF pulls the pin and goes with the gun just like a handline, the second FF flakes off the rest of the hose and pulls the second 2 1/2 if needed. It seems to deploy rather easily for us. We also store the base for the gun in the tail compartment right by the gun.

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