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    Question "Fire Calc" pocket computer

    I had An Akron Fire calc but it does not work anymore due to use and abuse. Is there any newer version of this out there from Akron or another company that can be used to figure flow rate or reaction force. I found this calculator useful for classroom use and in the field. Any help or info of where I can get another one is greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Brad!
    I'm looking for one too. Any luck? Drop a line!

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    FF McDonald
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    I spoke with someone at Akron today. I was calling them to ask if they still manufactured the FIRE CALC-- thay don't-- but they do manufacture a Slide rule that they say will fit inside your turnout gear's inside pocket.

    Stay safe-- anyone who deals with Akron equipment can get you one.


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    Yo! Break-N-Entry in da house givin a big shout out to Marc up in Allendale for the 411 on the pocket calc. Way to go man!

    B-N-E was lookin in the "Firefighters Bookstore" (catalog # 13 March '99) and found himself a pocket friction loss wheel for $6.95, so he's gonna ask Santa-dude for one.

    Yo, check it out on page 13!


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