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    Question Aluminum Wheel Cleaner

    Can you recommend a good aluminum wheel cleaner? Does anyone know how to treat scratches in mirror finish stainless steel?

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    Hello EPFD-AL
    If you get any info can you please e-mail me I am also looking for something to clean aluminum diamond plate.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi guys, how's it going.

    When I worked in a auto parts store we sold a cleaner called mothers, it's in a small red can and it works very good. It takes some work to get it to clean up the aluminum but it's worth it, and I think that it will take out some small scratch's.

    Be safe and have a good day.

    Local 3905

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    FF McDonald
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    Well, Hammerhead beat me to it but that Mothers stuff is awesome.

    If you need to clean diamond plate with it, I suggest that you goop it on the diamond plate and then scrub it with a plastic bristle scrub brush-- works great. When you are done scrubbing, wipe it off with a terry cloth rag and buff it until it shines.

    The mothers will also work on solid aluminum wheels, as long as they don't have clear coat over them.


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    Thanks guy's I'll try it.


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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    I have an automotive detailing business on the side, so I think that I can help you out.
    There are a few different companies that make special cleaners and polishes for aluminum. Mothers, The Wax Shop, Eagle One, Zymol and Meguiar's all have quality products. Check out their web sites, they can give you the information on what they carry and you can order directly from them if the local auto parts store does not carry the product you want to use. Before you think about polishing, the aluminum must be cleaned with the appropriate cleaner. You have to determine what type of aluminum wheels you are cleaning. They can be anodized, clear coated, polished or cast aluminum. You have to select the proper cleaner for each type. If you have any questions about detailing, e-mail me. I'll try to help you out.

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    A kinda new product that I have seen is called "Magic-Mix". It was developed by two guys that polish stainless steel tank trucks. It workes great and doesn't wear your fingers out like mothers or ex-treem.
    Magic Mix is a two step process; a cleaner for really bad grime and minor scratches and the cleaner/protectant.
    We used it on diamond plate, wheels, pump panels with great results. We even had bad water spots from iron deposits on our aluminum fenderettes and Ramco mirrors and it was the only stuff that got it of and kept it off.
    We have found it in a few spped shops. Not sure on a web site.
    E-mail me if interested and I'll try to get a contact. for you.

    Dan Nichols
    Hyattsville vol. Fire Dept.
    Hyattsvile, Maryland

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    Here's an interesting link that talks about metal cleaners and also points out some of the dangers of using the wrong cleaner on different surfaces. There is also a link to a "sources" page that has manufacturer's links. Enjoy: www.motorhomemagazine.com/seasonal_features/metal.html

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    We use mothers on the rims..the stuff is Awesome! Its been about 2 months since we cleaned the truck and the rims are still shining brightly! With Diamond Plate we bought some stuff called Speedy It works wonders! we got our diamond plate looking brand NEW! It takes a while but it is really really worth it. If you have the manpower or a buffer it is even better! Let me know if anyone else has any ideas on how to get hose clean.

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    I Gotta agree with Andrew. Speedy is awesome. Goes on with less elbow grease than Mothers since its a liquid. A buffer is the way to go. Dremel tools with polishing tools work great for wheels and hard to get spots.

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    Working as a Engineer for several years, I tried Mothers, Napa products, and various Alu. silver, Chrome polishes. 2 products I have had good results with were;
    Alumag-chrome metal polish- mfg. by Karseal
    It does a nice polish job on bud rims and Diamond Plate. A pal of mine in the truck
    industry told me about a product called ;
    Versital Metal Magic, its a auto, marine,
    aircraft polish cleaner wax. I tried some
    and man what a finish! Keep using the same
    apply rag, it seems the blacker the rag the
    more it works, use a clean rag to shine out.
    works on chrome and stainless pump panels too. Got it thru a Freightliner Dist. Any
    truck depot would know were to get it.
    You gotta look good when you roll, We've
    been rolling since Sept. 15th, 1841........

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