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    Question 4-Way Valves

    I'm looking for any information on 4-way valves. We got some places where people want to almost live in the woods, and this is causing some pretty long lays for us. I want to try to get some options in place to compensate for pressure losses. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Steve Gallagher
    Chillicothe (Ohio) Fire Department

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    My previous department used 4 way valves as a matter of standard practice. In that area of PA, hydrants' abilities fluctuated more than one would think, and the first-in engine (if dropping a line) would attach the 4-way. 2nd in engine would hook up to the 4 way, but not charge until or unless needed. We all used 5" with Storz couplings, so things went fairly fast. BTW, manpower on the 2nd engine reported to the scene, leaving the driver and usually one other to make the connection.

    Rick Reed
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    If you decide to buy one, make sure whatever brand you buy doesn't restrict your flow! If your using 5" hose, some of the waterways in these valves are way undersized and will cause more problems than they solve.

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    I've looked at some of the on-line catalogs, and have been unable to find any information on any 4-ways at all. What are some of the manufacturers?
    Also, Halligan84, what are some of the manufacturers that have the restriction?

    Steve Gallagher
    Chillicothe (Ohio) Fire Department

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    This is the company our's is from:
    Humat Inc.
    201 E. Jarrettsville Road
    Forest Hill, MD 21050
    Fax: 410/836-5138
    Manufacturer of a four-way hydrant valve.

    When forward laying from a hydrant, we go hydrant-25' 5"-humat-hose to scene then a mutual aid pumper pumps the hydrant later on.

    We also drop it in the middle of very long & very high flow lays so a mutual aid pumper can insert it self in as a relay pumper.

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    Also, make sure the device has a PDV (Pressure Dump Valve) if you are using LDH

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