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    S. Cook
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    Question Horsepower to Weight

    Any rules regarding horsepower to weight ratio for apparatus?

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    With the new apparatus the amount of horse power isn't as big an issue as times past.
    Spend your money on necessary equipment or modifications instead of engine up grades.
    The manufactures start with engine's that match load expectations and have plenty of torque for getting the apparatus moving.
    The problems with vehicles that don't seem to get out of their own way is the programing that they come with from the factory.
    The engine makers don't have any idea how will buy the unit or where it will be in service. They program them to pass emissions in any location. Your local dealer will be able to optomize the performance settings and "wake up" the engine.
    Worry more about being able to stop the unit after it is rolling.

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    Nfpa does not have a horsepower to weight ratio, but if you refer to NFPA 1901, 1999 edition you will see several test that a new unit must pass to meet the standard.

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