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    Question Driver Training Programs

    I am a 15 yr. veteran of the Fire Service.Just appointed as Engineer of my Engine Company.Looking for info on Driver Training.My dept. is volunteer and we have members who have no exprience of driving apparatus.

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    The United States Fire Administration has an excellent instruction plan and manual available for free at: www.usfa.fema.gov

    Just click on publications, it's #FA110

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    Our drivers have to quailify once a year. We are fortunite that the obstacle course that the state uses to test CDL licenses is localed in our town and we have access to it. Our drivers take an unoffical CDL test and in addition a basic pump operation test. After you have past your first test and you miss the next years driver's drill, you are put on a backup drivers list until you can make it up. For liability reasons your department should have some kind of recorded training for drivers consisting of basic driving skills.

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    Red face

    In our state, apparatus drivers must possess either a CDL or a Class 2-Q endorsement which is for fire apparatus. We are administered the same skills test as the CDL requires w/o the written portion. We have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to take the test.

    After this takes place, we are then required to take the State Certified Pump Operators/ Aerial Operators class(es) before operating the apparatus. We do not retest our drivers unless they don't drive for quite some time.

    Hey, South Deerfield MA. You mustering this year?

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