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    Question Use of Squads

    My dept is looking into putting a 2-man squad into service at a single engine house. Jury is out as to whether this will be a mini-pumper, a "Squad 51" style utility box or just a suburban with equipent in it. It will NOT be a heavy rescue squad.
    Questions if your dept uses squads like this:
    What kind of rig used? Ranks of personnel staffing it. Types of alarms it responds to. Does it have its own still district? Is its district larger/smaller than the engine/quint it is housed with. Overall dept perception of squad...positive, negative, good duty to be on it, sucks to be on it, etc. Why were squads implemented in the first place??
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    We recently purchased a new 4 door Ford to replace our old squad. We have operated a squad for medical calls or to rapidly provide manpower to scenes for more than a few years. The old squad was an 80's model Chevy van with the rear seat removed to store the SCBA packs, bottles and other supplies.
    The new squad has a cascade system, 4 SCBA packs w/extra bottles, an AED, jump bag, O2 bag, spine boards, and light extrication tools. We respond it in the same response area as our other equipment, and allows us to keep our engines in service. The utility box gives you a lot of room to grow and change compartment configurations as your needs change over the years. It is also much easier to manuever in subdivisions than an engine.

    Our station is manned 24/7, so we run the most appropriate piece of equipment for each call. We range from Medics to 1st Responders, but we try to keep at least EMT's on the medical calls. I personally like it , as it fits the needs for the calls it runs, and keeps your water-bearing trucks in service for the 'hot' calls. You can read more about it and our other trucks at

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    We run out of 2 stations. 2 man engine out of each and a 2 man squad out of HQ. Squad is a Ford F-350 4x4 with a resque body on it.
    Equipment is ems , hurst mighty light, rope rescue, hand tools and SCBA's. Run with 2 firefighters on it. Squad runs on all ems calls in the HQ district. Fills out the assignment with each engine on fire calls so there is a 4 man engine company responding (only on 2 vehicles). Good or Bad.....I feel good to be on it,if you like to stay busy ( we average about 4000 calls per year) and your usually on the interior attack crew. Concept works well on the wear and tear of running engines out on ems calls which makes up a high percentage of calls ( about 60%).

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    There is a neighboring department that has a squad 51 type squad. I'm not really familiar with how they use it, if you don't have luck on here try contacting them. Lake Zurich Fire Department in Lake Zurich IL. I can get you more information if you need it.


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    Check the other forum topic on this subject at

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