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    FireMedic38 Guest

    Question Headlight Use

    As a driver of emergency vehicles I feel the use of headlights at ALL times is a great way to reduce the risk of an accident. I am trying to persuade my department to write a policy requiring headlight use any time a vehicle is on the road. I would like some data to back this up but have not found much. Can anyone help?

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    Jay911 Guest

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    You might try checking websites of automakers or NHTSA or someone like that. Since "daytime running lights" have been mandated in Canada for a whole bunch of years and in the States for a few years as well, they might have some information on it. And I agree with you.. all you have to do is see (or NOT see) a mid-grey vehicle of any kind coming at you with no lights on on a highway at any time of day to know that headlights (or DRLs) all the time are a good thing.


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    morriss Guest


    We use headlights for all operation of the units when not responding to calls. When responding (during daytime) we have wig-wag option on the headlights. At nighttime, the wig-wags are disabled when the headlights are turned on.

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    Les.H Guest


    Like Morriss, we use headlight wig wags when responding during daylight hours in the UK. Its better to be seen that heard and I am sure that many drivers haven't a clue what to do when a fire truck appears up their exhaust pipe.

    I would appreciate a section on emergency vehicles and what to do when in the way being brought into part of the driving test for motorists in the UK, but that's another story.

    Get lit up and be seen.

    Kindest regards & keep safe

    Les (Sprinkle) UK

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    Quint1Medic Guest


    We have wigwags tied into the headlights as well-I try to keep them off when I can during the day, although it's an old habit to have the headlights on during a response. The white lights flashing at eye level seem to get drivers' attention better than the red lights do, although how someone can miss thirty-odd tons of screaming fire truck is still beyond me...

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    COFireLt Guest


    OK Quint, as for your question on how someone can miss a 30 ton screaming fire truck...... let us count the ways....
    TEENAGERS.....BOOM daBOOM BOOM daBOOM (stereos with more watts than our siren)
    MIDDLE AGED....Gregory, turn around and shut up, i don't care if you have to pee (kids)
    SENIORS..... I wonder what that square pedal on the left of the long vertical one does, who took the lines off the road (bad eyesight) damn it! george, speak up I cant hear ;you )(bad hearing)
    ALL THE ABOVE....Cell phones, pagers, laptops, makeup, books, pets, ect.....

    I know you can come up with more, but just had to put in my 2 cents...

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