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    Post Quirky Foammaster

    We have been experiencing some erratic problems with a factory installed Hale Foammaster system on our 1999 pumper. It appears to be caused by voltage irregularities in the truck's electrical system or some other type of electromagnetic interference. This problem has prompted a service call to the vehicle manufacturer and will require some warrenty work for sure. I wonder if anyone has had similar problems?

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    We have the Hale Foammaster pump on our new pumpers. The only problems we have discovered that I'm aware of are:
    1. That they did not come calibrated to the foam and cold clean we use... and we were also told that any change in product and the system would need to be recalibrated. That at the factory it is calibrated with mineral oil and has to be set for what your department supplies.
    2. That once the Foammaster is activated you have to monitor hose line operations, because if you are not continuations operation the aspirator pump will over heat and shut down. We have discovered that intermittingly using the system where you have periods of not flow water, turn the system off and monitor the GPM flow indicator to know when to turn it on again.

    The E-One pumpers that we are receiving all have a hydraulically powered generator and to my knowledge we are not experiencing any electrical problems like you have described.

    We have had this new pumper not quite a year at a busy house and it is a very user friendly system. And compaired to the system in the past it makes operations a lot simplar and faster. I also find it used more frenquently because of the operation at a push of a button. Also that pump appears to be able to move quite a bit of water if you can get it into the pumper.

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