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    Question Hose reel chains on E-One pumpers

    Has anyone had a problem with the booster reel rewind chain on mid 90's E-One pumpers constantly jumping off? We've had the chain jump off ours several times in the past month or two. It's not real hard to put back on, but our Chief Service Tech says it's a flaw in E-One's design, that if you rewind the reel too fast, it'll jump off. Well, last time I checked, there wasn't a speed control for the rewind...you stepped on the button and it winds at a constant speed. It's not like we are feeding the line on the reel, we hold tension to get it on straight so it wil come back off. If you have had any similar problems...please respond. Thanks!

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    What brand hose reel do you have? There should be a adjustment to tighten the chain. If it keeps jumping off regularly a loose chain or sprocket out of alignment may be the cause.

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