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    Red face Cat C12 vs. Detroit

    Hi Friends
    The harwinton fire department is in the process of spec-ing a new pumper. My question is regarding the C12 and 60 series motors. C12 is 600 lbs lighter than the 60 series, but there have been roumers of "problems" with the c12. Nothing specific mind you, so I am asking on the forum if anybody has any experience with these powerplants



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    Only rumor i've heard is they are discontinuing the 60 series detroit.

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    Any reason you have eliminated Cummins? We have a Cummins N14E in a 97' Seagrave that has done a fine job. While motor weight and weight to horsepower are important considerations, don't try to save money with a small displacement motor - no matter what the brand. I would pick Cat over a 60 Series any day. Local service is a major factor.

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    I only have experience with the Detroit Series 60 (430 hp). We got two on new trucks in 1997. Before then all Mack, which have been excellent. As much as I love the Mack engines, the series 60's are great engines in my experience. Quiet, reliable, and real good fuel milage. We are getting another 430 Detroit on a new rig due in this winter. Before we went with Series 60 I talked to our local Kenworth dealer. He told me the Series 60 is a new design from the 92 series, and he spoke very highly of them. He has a fleet of 80 trucks using the Detroit, and they are the best engine he has had to this point.

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    Thanks for the replies

    The C12 weighs 600 lbs than the 60 series. And 500 lbs less than the Cummins. My concern was that the difference in mass made the C12 a more delicate motor in terms of cooling, etc.


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    We currently run detroits in our vehicles which are fairly new trucks. One thing you must consider, where is the nearest service center? Any warranty or certified work (liability reasons) must go about 20 miles away. We have a certified cat dealer in town that could significantly reduce any down time. The administration is fighting me on it though due to the dependability we have gotten from the detroits.

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    I believe the C12 is the same basic engine as the old 3406 Cat.They gotta have logged a zillion miles and I never heard of any big problems.

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