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    Post hale vs. waterous

    Which is better, hale or waterous? How about service, maintaince, performance, etc.I'm looking at the 1500 GPM range with a top mount pump.

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    Neither, they're both good.

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    I have worked with both and agree with wofd1: they're both good.

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    How about debating with three.

    Waterous Hale Darley

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    I disagree with the Darley comment. Hale and Waterous typicly will pump thier capacity more easily as thier pump rating is based on the number of discharges the truck is plummed with(If I recall correctly they have 3 different sized pumps, by that I mean the actual pump and casing)I know that a 1000gpm Hale, a 1250 and a 1500 hale are the same pump, with different pluming configurations. Any darley I have ever worked with has labored hard to pass a pump test. That may be also because Hale and Waterous for years would only sell thier pumps to reputable apparatus manfuacturers, whereas any oil truck manufacturer could buy a Darley(Moody here in the Northeast) I would have to say for sure they are both Excellent choices though,

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    .. That may be also because Hale and Waterous for years would only sell their pumps to reputable apparatus manfuacturers, whereas any oil truck manufacturer could buy a

    Neat view of the world. How many reputable builders can you list who are now out of business who used the two pumps you refer to? Why is it the chassis guys would rather you mount their pumps at the chassis builder than the body builder? It is because the chassis guy is certified to mount the pumps and the body builders just might not be.

    I guess you never heard of the federal lawsuit stopping builders from offering only one pump, you know, seagrave, pierce waterous only and E-One Sutphen Hale only. Now everyone has to mount everyones pump.

    As far as capacity goes, the Darley 1250 will pump test at a draft 2000 gpm, it is even a sales point. It will also get a draft with the discharges open. Even has an integrated CAFS compressor. They will make parts for any pump they've EVER made. Drop in packing is oool. Self locking valves is an excellent feature.

    Pump capacity is rarely pump limited, try engine horse power or transmission issues before you blame the pump.

    Barely making a pump test? That is specs not pump, I know we draft at 3500 to 11,000 feet and our pumps work as spec'd.

    Still the customer's specs are the week link.

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    Operated 2 of the 3, Darley on a 95 Freightliner/Firemaster and a Waterous on a 76 Hendrickson/Grumman both topmounts no problems with either one. Dealt with Hale frontmounts no problem. Both midships had no problems with draft and keeping it for required test.

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    I have operated Waterous and Hale and I have had no problems with either. As for the Darley having a hard time meeting capacity, I agree with the above writers, the pump isn't always to blame. Power plant and transmission are quite often to blame for failed tests.
    Thanks for the good discussion folks!

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