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    Post Tower Basket Positioning

    Just wanted to ask about your experience positioning you tower ladder basket when making a rescue or entry.

    Some members of my department insist on using the doors at the corner of the basket, and theirby having the floor of the basket even with the window sill. Others feel that positioning the top rail of the basket even with the window sill is best.

    Also do you come head on or do you try to make it with the corner of the basket?

    And lastly do you have a lot of stuff mounted to the basket(lights, discharge ports, tools) or is it plain (except for the monitor). We have a drill soon and would like some imput, thanks.

    Stay safe

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    On the Tower Ladder to which I am assigned we try to position it so that we can load from the side, or front corners. This is because we have 2 monitors on the front. For rescues, we have found that it works best for us if we position it with the top rail even with the sill. As we work with a crew of 3 (sucks), It is more effectant to be able to "drop" the victim into the basket if necessary. This works well for large uncounscious victims. ]

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    I am an engineer/trainer on our 102' LTI platform. We have found that the approach from above and placing the platform floor just below the window sill works best, With all of the things we have mounted on the front we load from the side doors. This approach keeps victims from trying to jump in on the way up and allows the crew to concentrate more on their job. We also added a 15' section of 1 3/4" hose to the basket for the crew in the basket to do fire control, rescue,etc. I have a long list of things that we have done and some drills we practice. If your'e interested I'll send them to you. E-mail me at ffpfaff@aol.com

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    Been working with Tower Ladders for over 20 yrs. now (75'Aerialscope & 75' LTI mid mount). We found that approaching a window from above allows us to calm a victim down and not worry about them jumping in on us. We also position the top rail at the bottom of the windowsill. On the Aerialscope it didn't matter what the angle was(the stang gun could be flipped into the basket)but, the new LTI has two guns that can't be moved, so operating from either front corner is preferred.
    As far as equipment is concerned, we learned to clear out the bucket. We still carry a set of irons, sledge hammer and 50' 13/4" but, now they are mounted on the outside of the basket. We also have a 8' pike pole and a 14' roof ladder mounted in the main.
    Hope this helps


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