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    Question Thread Protecters Needed

    All the 2.5" male threads (NYCorp) on my gated wyes and on my LDH manifolds and appliances are getting chewed up. I'm really not looking for chromed or lightweight material threaded caps and chains (unless they are a real good deal), and would prefer the inexpensive plastic snap on kind. Does anyone know of a manufacturer or supplier?

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    If no one makes a 2.5" Thread Saver, why not try making your own out of FD discards?

    Use the rubber tube from a piece of 3" rubber lined hose and secure it with a super heavy duty rubber band; a quick pull on the end of the hose should pop off both the hose and the band. No 3" hose handy? Try cutting a strip from an tire inner tube and hold that on with the rubber band.

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    Ditto phred.....we use inner tubes cut to the width of the threads. Motorcycle tubes work for the 2.5 couplings and automotive tubes work for LDH.

    Good luck!

    Be safe. The dragon lurks!!!!

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    Try www.capnplugs.com if you want the plastic type. They seem to have just about anything when it comes to capping or plugging different orifices etc..


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    www.edarley.com has lexan caps. A 2 1/2" NST costs $5.50 Part # U81402A

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