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    Post Wil-Burt Light tower problems

    We have a 4 lamp, 6000 watt Wil-Burt light tower installed on our 1997 rescue. It has had a fried lower circuit board which prevented all 4 lights from operating about 6 months ago. It won't rotate now. (Haven't had time to troubleshoot the latest problem yet). This thing has been in the air probably less than 50 times since new. Works like a champ when it isn't broken down. Did we get a lemmon or do other folks out there have problems with these things? If it keeps this up for the next 17 years or so we plan to have this truck, I will be really busy.

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    John-- I have had three such light towers with the same problem of burning up the circut boards the last one was on a brand new unit we were installing on a 2000 rescue the problem we found in 2 out of 3 were the limiting switch that is suppose to stop the head from rotating 360 degrees being NG thus allowing the head to turn to far and causing shorts in the main harness up to the light head.
    I would try looking there first any questions feel free to email me direct at FINTLY316@AOL.com
    Good luck

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    Ward Watson
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    We have Wil-burt "Night Scan" light towers on three of our rigs. We've not experienced any problems with our circuit boards, but we have had multiple problems with the micro switches.

    I agree that when they work, they work great, but it seems like we have a problem at least once a month.

    Just my two cents,

    Ward Watson

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    Thanks for the replys guys...
    I found out what was wrong with ours.
    1) Broken roll pin on top of mast.
    2) Broken wire (ground) in coil from top junction box to light head.
    3) Rotation limit switch cam out of adjustment. This caused the tower to attempt to rotate as soon as it left the cradle when being raised. This caused problem 1 and 2.
    Thanks for your input-it helped a lot!
    Glad I got it fixed, my wife thought the service manual for the tower was the sports illustrated swim suit edition, as much as I studied it!

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    Kelly Tool
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    While we haven't had problems with the circuit board, as you mentioned, JohnM, we still have had our problems:
    1)we had a problem where the lights wouldn't come one(i don't know what the problem was there, i think it had to do with our power system)
    2) we have a bad air valve, and it leaks, causeing the mast to raise it's self. To correct the problem we leave the mast drain open(so no air pressure can build up) and apon arriving on scene the driver closes the valve so the tower can be raised. We would find the tower pushed against the roof of the building, luckly though no one tried to drive the rig out that way
    3)I think one time the cord melted but that was human error
    I will say that when it works it sure does work, and really makes night into day

    Put the wet stuff on the red stuff
    Visit our Dept. Schodack Valley
    Steve Kelly Jr.

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    Captain Potter
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    We have also had some problems with night scans just like yours. We have burned out a couple of boards. Seems it is always switches that begins the problem and ends up being a very expensive board. They are a relatively simple set up and when it works it is VERY impressive, but they do seem to take a lot of maintenance. Next time, we will probably purchase a Command Light from Super Vac.

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