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    Question Pro's con's rear mount pump

    My Dept is looking into a new Engine w/1500-2000 Gpm pump, 500 water w/cafs. We are considering a rear mount pump. I am a fan of the side mount for the same reasons listed in the post on top/side mount pumps. However a rear mount pump location would work well in my dept. Any thoughts or suggestions on this matter, Including Maintenance, operations and user friendlyness would be appreciated

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    Dwight Conrad
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    Can't say that I've ever seen a rear mount pump. But, if I were you, I'd research it very well with the manufacturer before purchasing it. Wish I could help you further. Good luck in finding out more details.

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    Main advantage from an engineering stand point is better weight distribution. The rear mount pump pushes the water tank forward. They also use less plumbing -- similiar to a front mount pump, the intake/discharges don't need 4 feet of piping to get to the side of the truck!

    Our neighboring company has a rear-mount on an otherwise very similiar truck. Our truck carries 1200 gallons -- they could fit 1500gallons.

    (In case you're wondering, the pic was taken while ET 112 was relay pumping in the middle of a 3000' lay at a drill on a humid summer morning. We drop a Humat hydrant valve in the middle of the lay so a relay pump can tie in without shutting down the supply.)

    We closely looked at rear-mount pump, but the Chief & Deputy where concerned about some sharp angles on the PTO and long-term reliability...but the manufacturers seem to be steadily building more of them.

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    We have a 96 KME--- not much difference between it and a midship in my opinion. It has only one steamer intake accessable (dont ask me why, it was a demo) It also has the ladder holders that you pull from the rear-- they stink

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    Kelly Tool
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    We have a rear mount on our main attack truck. I think the one advantage is being able to see 3 sides instead of just one with the side mount. For my dept. it has worked well in that we pull up along side a house on fire, for instace this leaves the pump operator with the fire at either his left or right side, instead of having his back turned.

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    My department runs with rear mount Godiva UMPX pumps on all urban pumpers.There are three super-pumpers in Sydney that are used to supply the hydraulic platforms and highrise firefighting, these are midship mounted high capacity pumpers.

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    Turk II
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    One thing you should consider is truck placement on most of your calls...

    If you are running to an Interstate frequently then you might find the engineer with his back to traffic. Even if the highway is blocked off totally, there's always going to be that one idiot that doesn't see the flares, cones, police cars, and 20 ton fire truck... Better to be safe than sorry!

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    We are running a rear mount pumper/Tanker with CAFS and so far seems to work well. We also run some top and some side mount. advantages are better visability then the side, better compartmentation, wheel base and weight dist. then with the top mount.


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