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    I was wondering if anyone has read the IFSTA's book, the Pumper Driver/Operator Handbook. Is this a useful book? Are the examples given reasonable. How is the overall content, and is it presented well? I would just like some feed back on this manual and know if it worthwhile to have. Thank you.

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    Any refferance material is good. It's always great to get different points of view.

    The Latest version of the IFSTA Pump Driver/Operator Handbook is about the best laid out book I have seen yet. The information is current with operating systems and proceedures. Very interesting. I and learned the answers to some questions I had that no one seemed to be able to answer reasonably. I am also an Emergency Vehicle Technician and this is required reading for the exams. It's all good.

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    Our department is small, and our "library" is small - but this is one of the few manuals that we have and use. It is a big help in a driver training class, and also on pump tests.

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