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    Question Truck transport

    We are currently in the process of purchasing a used engine from a dept in TX, I live in WA state. Some of the members of my dept are suggesting we drive the truck home to see if their are any problems with it. I say we test drive it in the local area and have it shipped by rail or flatbed. The Eng has low miles but I don't thing such a long drive is necessary. any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.

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    While I'd hate to think that someone would sell a lemon of a fire-truck, I'd suggest driving it back. It would make for a good chance to shake the truck down. Could never be too careful, and a 1500+ mile trip seems like a pretty good way to find problems with the truck. I hope the Radio Works.

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    Take a brick with ya, that's a long trip without cruise control!!! Ryan

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    I would have it trucked. I drove a used wildland unit with low miles and supposedly good maintenance about 1700 miles and it was a trip to remember. The exhaust system fell off twice(different sections), the front drive shaft u-joints failed due to lack of maint. (full time 4wd) and other problems. I would check the maint. records if available and send someone to inspect and drive the truck before it is shipped. In addition things sometimes show up on a long drive that would not happen on the typical local response of a few miles. Also consider a break down in unfamiliar territory and the cost of repairs, meals and lodging for whoever is driving the truck. Add in costs for going to Texas to drive the truck back plus fuel, and other expenses mentioned above.

    In short, having it trucked may be cheaper in the long run.

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