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    Question driver training sops

    I have taken over as chief engineer and have been asked to come up with new training guide lines for drivers. I have come up with a set of guide lines for new driver training but I several of the officers think it demands to much time for drivers to be quallifed on each truck. My other drivers think it doesn't require enough time!!
    I am looking for company sops on driver training. We run the following rquipment; ladder, engine, tanker, QRS, mini pump, traffic unit, brush, and squad.
    Anyone who could send me a copy of their sops or make any recomendations I would appriciate it.
    one frustrated engineer.

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    I can relate to your problem. Both my Vollie FD & Rescue Squad are going thru this very same issue right now.

    What we have come up with so far (and is still open to debate) is that every driver must
    - Be atleast 21 years of age with valid state DL (Area insurance allows drivers at 18).
    - Must Sucessfully complete a State approved Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (Current county policy says you must take this only once, but is going to change soon to require you maintain this cert.)
    - Must log 5 hours of road time under training or Non-Emergency conditions (i.e. driving back from a run, hydrant inspections, etc)
    - Must then be signed off to drive by Chief(FD)/Captian (RS)

    The issue we are having is the same as yours - how much driving time.

    A couple of examples from our situation.

    Ex 1 - We have 2 Ambulances that (aside from chassis mfg) are identical. So - do you require 5 hours total on that type of truck or still 5 hours per truck ? Granted there are subtle differances between the two, but are they worth requiring the extra time ?

    Ex 2 - Wa have a 1994 International 4900 Series Engine 1000Gal/1000gpm and a 2000 International 4900 Series 1500gal/1250 GPM Pumper/Tanker. Again we have the same question as before - are these truck similar enough to allow 5 hours combined time or should we require 5 hrs each ? (Side note - the 1000 Gal truck has no Aux Brake system whereas the newer 1500 Gal truck has an exhaust brake).

    Between the Squad and the 2 Stations for the FD we have 13 to 15 different pieces of apparatus and the only ones even remotely similar are the 2 examples listed above and our 2 brush rigs. For some people (like myself) who run both Fire & Rescue - thats a lot of time spent to get certified just to drive.

    Then comes the next question - say you have someoen (also like myself) who dosen't drive very often. What type of yearly requirements do you place to refresh or requalify your driving abilities ?

    Sorry for such a long post - I think I did more to create more questions than I did to answer any. I will be very anxious to hear others replys to this topic as well.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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    JBM, My vol. co runs a small squad, engine and 75' quint. Normally our new drivers start the driver training on the smallest piece, the air squad. This gets them used to the siren and lights at least. The engine is probably much bigger than anything the new driver ever operated. Occasionaly a new member was either a vollie at another co, a professional truck driver, or a military driver. The chief officers take the new driver out and each signs off if they are ok. Otherwise, until we are all comfortable with them driving, they are still in training. Finally, the quint. We require the drivers to be cleared on all other equip, log 10 hours on road non-emergency, 2 hours pump and 2 hours aerial. EVOC and Aerial Practices with Truck Co are also required.
    This is only our system and I realize it is not perfect.

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    Are there any regs on this subject??

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    Our Co requires a year membership, 21 years of age, EVOC a must, and qualified by the Engineer, and licensed by the Chief.

    By them being a member at least a year we get to watch them drive their own vehicle to the scene. and also just get to watch them for a year.
    Evoc will adress the skills and knowledge associated with operating the truck.

    The Engineer will not sign off until complete pump knowledge is proved.

    The chief will sign off when he feels candidate is ready.

    We have no liomited time requirements to drive in a year. We like to see our drivers drive quite often which they do.

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