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    Post Classes for Fire Apparatus PM and Repair

    Are there any classes other than those given by the manufacturer on general PM / repair of apparatus and power equipment?

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    The only training we get on newly received apparatus is usually a select number of dep't personnel who are usually FTO's will be trained by factory reps. Then they will pass on the info to the shifts. We'll also make sure that all involved get one of the manuals that come with the apparatus. The shift personnel keep track of the PM's and then our Fire Truck Shop(we have a dedicated shop just for Fire Trucks) will usually make a weekly round of the Stations and check to see if any adv. maint. needs to be performed. If something major is wrong we'll notify them right away. Other than the original factory rep training, it's up to us. Worked pretty well so far but we have called them back and asked for some clarifications because sometimes the manuals apply to the basic apparatus and may not have specific systems or options that you may have spec'd on your apparatus.

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    Depends on your resources (training budget, etc.) Check out the National Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians web site for class info at www.naevt.org. The organization puts on and sponsors excellant seminars & classes. If Indianapolis is within your training/travel budget, the new institute is very worthwhile.

    FDIC, Firehouse Expo, Fire-Rescue West, Fire-Rescue International, etc. all include vehicle maintenance/repair classes in their schedules.

    Manufacturers factory classes are also worthwhile. Pierce and EOne both put on these classes at their plants.

    If you're looking for associated equipment classes, Waterous and Hale have excellant schools as do many of the other equipment manufacturers.

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