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    Lightbulb Class 3 pressure govenor

    My new unit is installed with a Class 3 pressure govenor on it and it is preset at 100 psi from the factory. i have read the confusing instructions on how to change the preset but have had no luck accomplishing this task. I would appreciate any help that you may offer as to what I might be doing wrong...

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    tc1chief, I haven't heard of a Class 3 PSG. I will assume you ment Class 1. The best way to do this is to splice a momentary switch in the the red power wire (n/c). This will shut power off to the unit the way it should and enable you to reset the unit.

    Follow the Class 1 instructions again only instead of unplugging the unit press the switch to cut power. All will be good.

    Seen this many times.

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    Red face

    Tc1chief, I would not suggest altering the electronics on that unit. If it does use a class one gov. here is what you need to do.. Remove the screws that hold the gov in and leave it plugged in. Start the truck and place it in pump gear. Then once you are running and in gear go to the gov and remove the power connector. While holding in the preset button plug the power back in.then after a few seconds the display should say preset. then you can set the pressure. I am A firefighter and also work for a third party pump testing company. I suggest that you do not put anything inline in the gov wiring. Those devices are touchy enough without having wiring alterations made. If that switch that switch that the other poster mentioned happens to fail your gov will be inop, and put your firefighters at risk of injury and you at risk of liability.

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    The way I learned how to change the preset on a Class 1 pressure govenor is identical to how s2wunderle except you do not have to remove the face plate and it involves 2 people. With one person holding the Preset Button, The other person throws the lever and engages the pump. The word Preset will appear in the indicator window after about 5 seconds of holding the button down. Press the mode button twice to put the Pressure Govenor into the pressure mode and set the pressure to what you want. When the desired pressure is reached, hit the Preset Button again and it should take.

    To check, Hit the Idle, Mode Button twice for pressure and then the Preset.

    I don't think I've ever used the word pressure that many times in my life.......LOL

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