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    Lightbulb scba

    trying to find info on interspiro face mask. we are currently trying out several packs and we are interested with this pack.
    ???? has anyone had problems ??????

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    fireman_387 Guest


    There aren't too many of them out there due to the high dollar issue.

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    dtj Guest


    Check with the local USAF base. They're standard equipment. I've never had any problem with it.

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    Aerial 131 Guest


    We use the Interspiro Airpack with the new Spiro hatch and we love them. We have been using the pack for about 8-10 years and have great success with usage. Yes the pack cost is higher, but the return in capabilities seems to be excellent.

    When we changed packs we tested all the known packs by putting them through a basic training course of airpacks, easy to change bottle, how does the frame feel, how does the mask fit, ability to seal up, what can it not do, ability to clean and place into service. Another department in the area even took the pack and got it really wet placed it into a freezer for a week and then put it on to see it it would work.

    Both departments have the pack.

    Don Zimmerman

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    Lewdog Guest

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    I went to the Louis F. Garland Fire Academy for the Marine Corps for basic firefighter training. It's an Air Force school however they train DOD firefighters for all branches of service now. They used Interspiros in the school. I've worn them and they're great for training because the masks have a switch where you breath outside air with out using up air from the cylinder. During our block phases where we were doing burns, when we got done with an evolution or pract. application you could flip that switch and save your air supply. I've also seen some newer ones out where they have the buddy breather connection, and they have the built in PASS systems (of course their required now anyways on all packs).

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