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    Post Central States Quality

    Seeking recommendations on Central States engines. What experience have you had with them, both good & bad. We may purchase one with an aluminum body & roll up compartment doors.

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    We currently have three Central States engines. One side mount and two top mount.
    The biggest problem with the side mount is that the pump panel is laid out really strange. Nothing is kept together and it's all mixed up.
    No compaints so far on the top mounts - of course they're still fairly new (99 and 00).

    Just what I think, not my dept.

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    We have 2 Central States Freightliner pumpers, a '94 and a'99 (pictures on our website). Both units are top mount panels, 5 man cabs. Unlike RJM though our panels are well organized. Only thing I don't like about them is the lack of compartment space with out design, strange thing is the '99 is 6" wider than the '94 but has less compartment space.
    Overall quality seems to be good, we've had very few problems with them.

    David Brooks,
    FFII, Driver/Op, NRFR
    Newmarket Fire & Rescue
    Newmarket, New Hampshire
    (All opinions are my own)

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    We have a 1994 Central States/International midi-pumper (4WD), a 1994 Central States/Spartan quint, and a 1999 Central States/Freightliner pumper-tanker. So far, so good.

    There was a recall of the rear steering axle of the quint, which put it out of service for about three months. No problems since.

    Email for any specifics.

    Stay Safe.
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    We have a '95 and a '99. The '95 is on a Navistar 4900 with aluminum body. The '99 is on a Navistar and the Centrion stainless body with roll up doors. We have not had any major problems with either truck. Nothing more than what I would expect from normal use or our own fault. I have seen/heard some departments blame manufacture XXX for their own screw ups. All makers have great and not so great trucks. But it is not the manufacture's fault if you go off the road with a truck and it hasn't been right since. You caused it, own up to it and move on.

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    Our department has six Central States Pumpers.
    Two 1990 and three 1991 Custom Chassis 1500 GPM/750 gal. These were spec'd out by committee, and some of the blame for their faults certainly lie there. However, these have not stood up very well to heavy use. The two 1990 rigs were in our two busiest stations (they've just been replaced by Pierce Engines) and the one has been in the shop more than any of our aging ladders. The 1991's have lasted better, but we fixed some of the committee problems from our first two in them, and they are in much slower stations. Nevertheless, all of these rigs have had to have at least one incident of being out of service for longer than a month for mechanical reasons.

    The sixth Central was a 1999 Commercial Chassis (Freightliner four door)1500 gpm/500 gal. When it was delivered, it had over 80 items that were not to spec, including being five inches taller than spec'd. It has already been oos for a two month period reportedly due to manufacturing mishaps.

    I doubt that we will ever purchase another fire-fighting apparatus from them.

    We do have two squad bodies on F-350's that we use for paramedic units that seem to be holding up nicely.

    Also, many of the surrounding departments have purchased Central States and seem to like them. Maybe we just had some bad luck.


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    Thumbs up

    My department runs a 93 Central States Ford F700 pumper/tanker. It has a 500 gpm PTO pump and a 1500 gallon tank with a 428 ford gas engine and a 6 speed manual tanny. We have had very good luck with our truck, I can't think of a time when it has had any other problem than a dead battery, which would be our fault and not theres. I have problems with it because I do not drive maunals very well so I would recomend an Automatic. It is our main truck that we run mutual aid and drives well and breaks well, it goes alot faster and is easier to get up to speed than our F700 that has a 750 gallon tank. We have thought about purchaseing another truck from them, ours seems to be laid out well, witch low side comartments both sides and a port a tank on the upper divers sidea nd lots of ladders on the pasengers side, it has worked well as a pumper when we have responded mutual aid and thier trucks have broken down on scene.

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