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    Question TurboDraft

    Has anyone used or have saw demos of a turbodraft?

    I read an article in Fire Aparatus that talks about them and if the work as good as they say our deparment would have many uses for one. for anyone who has not seen one It works like a jet syphon with 350 ft of 5 inch and a 2 1/2 supply line they had water flow in under 4 minutes, they say you can bring 800gpm up a 30ft lift, 600gpm up a 35 ft lift, 590gpm up a 40 ft lift and 250gpm up a 48 ft lift, this seams suprising to lift water 48 ft. If anyone has seen one post and let us know who it works

    Barry Butrymowicz FF/EMT

    The views expressed above in no way represent the views of Mountain Ambulance Service or Riverview Fire Department.

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    If you do a search on line you will find lots of info on Turbodrafts. They do what they say they will.

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    Barry ~

    Click on this link to review a previous Firehouse thread on this subject:

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