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    Question Code3 ligh bars?

    Hel all,
    looking for some pro's con's of a clear dome MX7000 or similiar light bars.

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    My new unit has the MX7000 lightbar on it we love it and in my opinion the clear domes look better than the red domes would have. We put Red filters on the outboard rotators and left the center and had wired for 2 switches so the the center clear lights can be cut off during snow and fog. We also have a unit with the excaliber with clear domes and red filters on outboard rotators.

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    In my opinion the MX7000 is the best light bar out there, it has best visiblity and most options. My department curently has one on our rescue truck with the clear domes and from drivers to passengers side the colors are red, Amber, clear, red, blue. My feeling is the more colors you have the more visible the lights, I have noticed that light bars are harder to see in daylight when the have red domes rather than clear with red filters. We are about to put one on another truck except we are trying out the one that has 3 rotators and 2 front and 2 rear strobes. For some vehicals I have seen the Federal Signal Corp., Vista lightbar it is real similar to the MX7000, but a slight bit smaller, they are very visible and have many options.

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    We have MX-7000 lightbars on all of our apparatus in my COmpany. They are without a doubt the brightest bars I have seen. Our new pumper which was just delivered in October of 2000 has the middle section clear with 1/2 clear & 1/2 red domes in the middle. It definately gets your attention, however a member or 2 states the white lights are a little too bright & may distract oncoming traffic or traffic that must yield to the pumper coming up behind it.

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    Our department recently purchased two 1997 Pierce Saber apparatus, as well as a GMC Yukon command vehicle They have the MX-7000 Lightbars. In my opinion, they provide excellent warning for motorists when we respond to calls, and their easy operation between filters and domes, as well as the number of options makes them an ideal system

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    We use the Mx 7000 on three of the firetrucks with red top lens and are pleased with them. The Sheriff office has one with clear lens and red and blue rotator filters it does seem to be brighter than the colored lens we use. The best option we have found is the intersection lights with clear lens mainly because they help to see the county roads markers at night. Good bet that in the future we will spec the MX 7000 on everything

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    Our mechanics hate 'em. Too many gears, motors, pulls to much from the electrical system (very high maintenance). Seems like we have the mechanics out at the station every shift or two. When they do operate correctly, looks great. The administration finally went with all strobes - no problems yet.

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    I have a mx7000 its great at times but then it has its monents were a rotator dont want to work but when it domes its a great lightbar.

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