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    Question Ground Ladder Lubricant

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for a lubricant for aluminum ground ladders? ,or none at all?

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    Just keep them clean. Lube the dogs with WD-40 if they get to sticking.

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    After washing and drying the ladders, we lube the tracks with a product called Gulf wax. It is aclear wax used for cannining and candle making. we also lube the dogs with wd 40. this is what was recommended by Alco the ladder manufactuer.

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    Our SOP requires us to clean ground ladders then use CRC lubricant spray on the dawgs and pulleys

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    White lithium spray grease with teflon?

    We use it on our aerial slides (it's aluminum), so I assume it would work on ground ladders too.

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    only one recomendation if you respond down dirt roads do not use WD 40 because it collects the dust and realy gums things up. I would suggest something like powdered graphite to do the trick.

    hope it helps.

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    Here in our paid dept, we are not allowed to use anything flammable ie WD40. WE have to use graphite spray in a spray can. We lube the dogs only. We have found if you don't spray with something they will not unlock. Also, graphite spray is good for lubing the couplings on hose.


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