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    Question Tankers: Square vs. Eliptical

    We are going to purchase a new tanker. We have always had a square tank. We would like to know where I can find safety statistics on both. Any ideas?

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    Don't know of any stats on which is safer but have operated both with and without baffling and {now just my opinion but} one is as safe as other as long as the tank is baffled to stop water from sloshing.
    The last unbaffled tank I was in the previous driver did not fill completely and almost rolled the truck in a 30 mph curve doing about 20 mph So you can see how important that baffling is.

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    I've got no numbers either, but I've always seen it broken down thusly when it comes to metal tanks, be they stainless, etc:

    --Round tankers are most dangerous, but least likely to leak.
    --Square tankers are safest, but most likely to leak (long seams down bottom corners)
    --Elliptical tankers split the middle pretty well. Center of gravity is pretty low, no square seams for straining.

    Anything you buy will be baffled or you better not buy it. Poly & fiberglass tanks are much less likely to leak in general, so the square works better with those.

    Just make sure a professional outfit builds it. Tankers are killing firefighters all over the place.

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    Sat in on a recent debate with a rural dept. tryin' to iron out the same issue. They went with a square wetside poly tank for a few reasons.
    1. You still get a hose bed.
    2. More compartment space.
    3. Drop tank storage under the hosebed, as opposed to hangin' on the side. (I guess they didn't like that)

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