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    J Lumsden
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    Question portable ponds- self supporting draft tanks

    We are one of the many areas who bring their own water to the fire. We currently use the folding type portable draft tanks. Can anyone tell me of their experiences using any of the self supporting Fold A Tanks. We are changing the use of some of our engines and don't have storage space for the traditional folding tank.
    Thanks in advance.

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    My department has a self-supporting tank. It was bought in the late 1980's. It has been deemed "worthless". It didn't work unless it was on absolutely level ground. It was used a few times at drill and never used again. We found a fold-a-tank to be superior to the self-supporting tank.

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    Fire Line
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    We have both types, though we prefer the folding type. We found with the self supporting that you have to take the time to get bottom stretched out before filling it. Usually somebody stands in the tank while a couple of FF pull out the sides. We also built a wooden "L" to support it on mild slopes. Hope this helps.

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    For the record I am a equipment dealer.

    The self supporting tanks do work and work well. Last year I sold one to a neighboring dept who didn't have one. Initially they had trouble setting theirs up. They called me,(I had never used one before)and I sent off for a video from FOL-DA-TANK on how to set one up. I watched it the first time, took it to the FD and showed the video to them and I set the tank up the first time by myself. Afterward, I set the tank up on a pretty good grade; and yes it worked. To my knowledge they are still happy with their tank. The main thing is if you have problems with how it works get your sales person involved.

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    Our Volunteer Dept has a Fold-a-Tank and we havn't had any problems with it. We haven't had to use it at a fireyet, but we have used it at ISO drills and such. Worked out fine.


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    Perhaps fireman_387 has the secret to self-supporting tanks. I'd genuinely like to hear it.
    My only experience with a self-supporting tank was on a forest fire this past summer. The hotshot crew had tried to build a level pad for the tank the night before, but when we got there it was on it's way downhill (literally). I've seen the more traditional folding tanks set up on some pretty substantial slopes with no problem. It seems to me that the last thing you want to have to dedicate time and manpower to at a fire is something that should be as simple as unfolding a tank.

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