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    Medic_E3411 Guest

    Exclamation Pierce Arieals

    I am an engineer in a 4 station department. Our dept. is looking to buy a new ladder truck.. and I wanted to get some feedback on what's good/ not good. We currently have a 1974 Crown 75' Telesquirt, and run on average about 3-4 structure responses a week. Anyone have reccomendations?

    Central FPD

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    Resq14 Guest

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    mike021 Guest


    We currently run a 1992 Pierce 105'. And in the almost 10 years we've had it there was one major problem. A safety valve blew. It did not shut the truck down during the fire while operating, but the next day a piece was take nout of the pipe and the was replaced in less then 24 hours. We are now awaiting the arrival of our second Pierce, it's a engine this time. For a seriously dependable truck, that lasts a hell of a long time and is supported by the best in the business, I recomend you go to Look around and see if you like what is on there and contact a REP out there by you. Good luck!

    Norwood Fire Co. No. 1

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    Hammerhead338 Guest


    In January we ordered a 75 ft Pierce quint. We looked at e-one, smeal, and one other but pierce is what we went with.

    Let the members be in on the decision, our chief wanted a e-one, no matter what and didnt realy want to look at pierce. We talked him in to looking at the pierce.

    Have a good day.


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    dfwscotty Guest


    Our 2000 Pierce 100' Platform has been in service for about 3 months and it's been great. We also have 2 2000 Pierce 61' Quints that are about a year old. The Platform cab and pump panel is identical to the Quints so if an engineer is current on the Quints he only has to get used to the longer truck and the platform. I've been on the Quint for over a year and all my guys as well as our maint. guys are real happy with the rigs and haven't had much of anything go wrong since we've had them.

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    Firekatz04 Guest


    Look around Firehouse Forums, "Apparatus Innovations" area. Quite a few other comments from other ff's.
    Start with the basics, ie: Current need (how high are your buildings now), projected need (will there be significant construction in the future), usage (do I want a straight stick, platform, articulting, pump and tank vs. ladder only, etc.), staffing, funding... all kinds of things to look at.
    Good luck!

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    lvfd ff/p Guest


    las vegas just bought an entire fleet of pierce engines and trucks. we now have about 20 of the units on the streets and everyone seems to love them.

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    Medic_E3411 Guest


    Thank you all for your replies. We are looking into the 105' Heavy duty aerial hopefully on a Lance or Saber chasis.We have two `97 Sabers and three `92 Lance Engines in our fleet, and we are really pleased with their performance. Thanks again for your help...

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    Sirene Guest


    We just bought 2 Pierce 100' Platforms. After exhaustive research we felt they had the best machine.

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    cob1028 Guest


    Good choice on the Pierce. Have you looked at the Dash chassis. Also check in to the fully multiplexed system that Pierce offers. They sure have done thier home work on this system. It makes operating the truck much easier and has a lot of safety features built in. Good luck on your truck purchase.

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    mike021 Guest


    Our Pierce Lance engine should be in sometime in early June. We have a Pierce Arrow 105 HD ladder now and we love it.

    Norwood Fire Co. No. 1

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    gunnyv Guest


    My dept has two Pierces, a 110" 1986 Platform and a 1992 75' HD Aerial. The platform is a beast, have had a lot of problems over the years. I don't think you can have a truck that old and that big and not have problems. The 75' is great, only bad thing is the space stealing pump and hose chutes-although that lets us use it as a quint when the spare engine is already in service. If I had my way, I'd chuck both of em for an Aerialscope.

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    grc063 Guest


    In reference to the 1986 Pierce Tower, the aerial device is probably not a Pierce. It's either an LTI or a Smeal. At that time, Pierce was not manufacturing their own devices.

    Be Safe!!!


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    JohnM Guest


    Have a '93 Pierce aerial platform. It has been a very good rig. I like the entire aerial line they have except the tiller. They make a very small number of tillers each year, and that does not seem to be their part of the market. The new mid mount looks very interesting. I saw one in the fall, and I was impressed.

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