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    Question Rural Water Supply/Tanker Shuttle Charts

    I am a firefighter/EMT in a small town in rural ME. We have no public water system and carry only 1500' of LDH, and as a result we rely almost exclusively on tanker shuttles. I am currently analyzing the water needs within our town in relation to the maximum achievable flow and proximity to dry hydrants/water sources. I recall seeing a chart somewhere (perhaps in Firehouse or Fire Engineering) that tabulated the max sustained flow via tanker shuttle in relation to distance from the hydrant, speed of the tankers, and gallonage of the tankers.

    My question is does anyone know where this information is, or have this information?


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    Dutils791 your answer is in Rural Firefighting Operations Book two by Larry Davis This book is GREAT .Try Ifsta or other fire book supplires. Daul tubes john t

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