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    Question Driver/Engineer Promotional Exam Aids

    Brothers and Sisters: I am trying to study for an upcoming promotional exam (written and practical) that will be taken from IFSTA Pumping Apparatus and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator manuals (most recent editions). The written test will be formulated by an independent, private consulting firm, non-related to IFSTA, so it is extremely difficult for me to pinpoint the material they believe is important out of those manuals. I am looking for any/all help (study cards, cd roms, videos, outlines, teaching courses, etc.) to better prepare myself for this promotional opportunity. You guys are the pros, can anybody help? Please let me know. You can contact me directly at rtopoleski@aol.com. Thanks!

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    Order the study guides for each of the books listed on your exam notice. They are easy to find online and only cost around $15.00 bucks a piece. That's a small price to pay.

    Once you get the study guides use them. Our dept uses the same kind of testing procedure that you mentioned. By using these guides you are not going to miss anything in the books. And, I assure you, that you will see many questions from the study guide directly on the test, word-for-word.

    We had roughly ninty days from the posting of the exam. In that time it was easy to sit down and fill out 2 chapters a night (on duty) and not get all stressed out. The day before the test sit down with those guides and reread the questions and answers you filled out.

    Good luck, I have seen this procedure work several times and had my own success story with it. I promoted the second time I ever took the test, 4 years after being hired!

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